What is Made On Demand?

We are particularly conscious about the environment, and at on demand. we strive to do good, and to make good choices for both ourselves and the planet. 

We do this through a business model called made on demand, where each product is made only when someone has purchased it, and made as near to this someone as possible. Effectively empowering us to eliminate warehousing and international shipping out of the retail equation, and stamping out the environmental impact of overproduction.

When you buy a product

Firstly, thanks for buying our products, we love you for it! Secondly is that since every product is made specifically for you, we provide you the opportunity to customise certain elements of the products, such as: colour, material or surface finish. Giving you the privilege of not only having an amazing product but a product that is truly customised to your style and colour palette. 

As such, after each purchase, we will be reaching out to you to offer these customisation options, which may include glossy or matte, solid colour or rainbow, plastic or wood, much more and all the mixes in-between depending on the specific product of course.