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The Calimero Planter

The Calimero Planter

on-demand. | 3D Shook

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Inspired by Yugo Serikawa's Calimero animated series, this fun egg-shaped planter is perfect for any room.

Size and Weight

150 x 150 x 130mm (WxDxH) Weight: 188g

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  • Made in Singapore

    We do this through a business model calledmade on demand, where each product is made only when someone has purchased it, and made as near to this someone as possible. Effectively empowering us to eliminate warehousing and international shipping out of the retail equation, and stamping out the environmental impact of overproduction.

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  • Every Product is Unique

    Every product will be made specifically for you, as such you may also prefer to have opportunity to choose a different colour or material than those listed here, if so please let us know and we will contact you once your order is placed.

    As each object is 3D printed, the colour and surface finish of the final product shipped to you will vary from that of the item shown here and from one copy to another.

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