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Fibra Vase

Fibra Vase


The Fibra vase is a stunning example of modern design fused with organic elegance. Its intricate, wave-like patterns, reminiscent of natural textures, create a dynamic visual effect that captivates the eye. This minimalist vase stands out as both an artistic statement and a functional piece, the fluid, sculptural form of the Fibra vase embodies Javier Serra’s design philosophy, blending simplicity with innovation. Perfect for contemporary interiors, this vase not only enhances any space with its sophisticated aesthetics but also highlights the potential of sustainable, cutting-edge design.


Small:  114 x 114 x 150mm (WxDxH)
Large:  190 x 190 x 250mm (WxDxH)

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  • Each product is unique

    We believe in a world without inventory, where products are only made when they are needed, and customised to the specific desires of each individual.

    By purchasing from on demand. you will not only have the privilege of owning an amazing product, but owning a product that is truly customised to your style and colour palette.

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  • What are all these lines ?

    The lines seen across the entire surface of parts are call "tool paths", and are similar to the rings on a tree. But unlike on a tree where each line is an indicator of seasons past, tool paths on products are a footprints left behind by the 3D printer as it builds your product.

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  • Our commitment to the environment

    We strongly believe in reducing our impact on the environment, and in-line with this value, we have made the conscious decision to avoid using any new materials to package, protect or ship our products (whenever possible), in favour of using recycled or repurposed materials

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