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The Smart Notebook

The Smart Notebook

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The last notebook you'll ever need to buy! Designed for comfortable use by both righthanded and lefthanded people, and infinitely refillable with standard printer paper.

The durable and rigid cover is perfect for note taking in any location. The notebook is desigined to hold up to 20 sheets of papers, providing 80 writable pages (between refills).

Customising your perfect notebook

To make this notebook truly your own, or as a perfect gift, you may also customise it in two ways.


The notebook is composed of nine (9) colour customisable parts:

  • Front and back covers
  • Spine
  • Asssembly clips (4x)

Page Watermarking

Further more, each page can be personalised with:

  • Images at the bottom right
  • Short messages at the bottom left

Size and Weight

A4: 160 x 215 x 15mm (WxDxH) Weight:200g
Letter: 150 x 220 x 15mm (WxDxH) Weight:200g

Making it smart

The Gazzaladra Smart Notebook contains 2 programmable NFC chips, at the top right of both covers, which can be programmed to do different things, however to have a truly valuable experience, we recommend creating a Unit.Link (free) landing page for yourself which provides a digital name card, with all the information in one place.

How to program?

Programming the behaviour can be done easily on any NFC enabled phone, using NFC Tools (free) with additional information here

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  • Each product is unique

    We believe in a world without inventory, where products are only made when they are needed, and customised to the specific desires of each individual.

    By purchasing from on demand. you will not only have the privilege of owning an amazing product, but owning a product that is truly customised to your style and colour palette.

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  • What are all these lines ?

    The lines seen across the entire surface of parts are call "tool paths", and are similar to the rings on a tree. But unlike on a tree where each line is an indicator of seasons past, tool paths on products are a footprints left behind by the 3D printer as it builds your product.

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  • Our commitment to the environment

    We strongly believe in reducing our impact on the environment, and in-line with this value, we have made the conscious decision to avoid using any new materials to package, protect or ship our products (whenever possible), in favour of using recycled or repurposed materials

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